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Spotted Skunk

Kurt Zimmerman feels most connected to local animals, explaining, "Animals have feelings we don't even know about. I try to depict that." Zimmerman makes his respect and admiration for animals clear and says he wants to give all animals recognition. Sometimes he finds inspiration in road kill, remarking that "most people don't see the carnage on the road." He feels that he can make a contribution to the world by giving these animals meaningful memorials. He does this by painting them flying, healed, full of energy, and in a transformed state. He hopes that people will look at his animal images and see an aspect of life that is beyond what we are told about animals in our culture. According to Zimmerman, everything comes from one central source. All energies are derived from the sun, and everything interacts with animals.


-Excerpted from biography... read more in Kurt's Universe


Make Your Own Animal


Press the play button to listen to Kurt Zimmerman's poem about Chog, an imaginary animal that is part chicken and part dog.


What kinds of animals would live in your universe? Click below to create an animal and poem based on Zimmerman's animals.


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