Wayne Scott (b. 1929) and Marty Scott (b. 1934)

     Married for half a century, Wayne and Marty Scott are well known for the superb clown shoes they make, which are sent all over the country. However, they are not in the business without proper experience. In 1968, Wayne applied and was accepted into Ringling Clown College. In spite of the fact that they had four kids, Wayne and Marty decided to pack up and travel with the circus. Marty worked on the wardrobe and Wayne performed as a clown, worked as an electrician, and engaged in other duties as was needed. The children were also earning money by doing odd jobs around the circus.

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     Being around circus people, they quickly noticed a demand for someone to make clown shoes. At first, Wayne worked alone. He studied how to make cowboy boots, recognizing that if he learned how boots were made, he ’d learn a few tricks for clown shoes. After seven years of Wayne working alone, the Scotts now work together on their shoes and, more recently, their youngest son, Allen, has decided to learn the trade.

     Wayne and Marty create all the designs. They make a lot of Mary Jane shoes for girl clowns and a variety of styles for Ringling. The Scotts also make period boots for Sarasota’s Opera Company, and other opera companies around the country. They have even made shoes for Disney’s Pluto and the ‘Disney on Ice’ show. The Scotts also make clown props and props for Orlando’s SeaWorld.

     The Scotts have a business utilizing their expertise called, “Clown Shoes and Props.” Their workshop is in a semi-trailer, which they have on their twenty acres of property.

     These days they stay connected to their children as they travel in their homemade motor home. When they return from their adventures as clowns, selling their shoes and seeing the country, they work on filling orders, building their home, and having a lot of fun.

You may also visit the Scotts at their website, Clown Shoes and Props.




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