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Folkvine Exhibits & Conferences


Past Openings and Conferences

The Folkvine Group spreads roots and rhizomes into many diverse communities and hope to take back with them seeds for future ventures. What follows are the vines we've created:

  • A Celebration of Taft Richardson's Website
    Saturday, October 10, 2005.
    N Tampa Community Center. Tampa, Florida.
  • International Digital Media & Arts Association (IDMAA)This link opens in a new window.
    Annual Conference. March 16-19, 2005.
    Radisson Plaza Hotel. Orlando, Florida.

    Theme: Thinking Through Collective Productions
  • A Celebration of Kurt Zimmerman’s Parallel Universes
    Sunday, May 8, 2005.
    Cocoa Civic Center. Cocoa, Florida.
  • A Celebration of Lilly Carrasquillo: A Global Education on
    April 2, 2005.
    La Asociación Borinqueña. Orlando, Florida.
  • Clowning Around
    March 27, 2004.
    University of South Florida. Tampa, Florida.

    "Clowning Around" was a community dialogue and viewing of "Diamond" Jim Parker and The Scott Family's new websites.

  • International Digital Media & Arts Association (IDMAA)This link opens in a new window.
    Annual Conference. Ideas Exhibition. March 10-12, 2004.
    Radisson Plaza Hotel. Orlando, Florida.

    Theme: Florida Folk Scholarship
    Folkvine was included in IDMAA's "Ideas Exhibition 2004 ", allowing computer savvy visitors from around the nation to preview the websites.
  • Florida Folklore Society (FFS)This link opens in a new window.
    Annual Conference. February 20 - 21, 2004.
    Downtown Media Arts Center (DMAC).This link opens in a new window. Orlando, Florida.

    Theme: Folklife in the 21st Century
    At the society's 2004 annual conference, Folkvine Group shared the methodolgies, themes, and artists behind the websites to folklorists.

  • Ginger LaVoie's Website Opening
    February 7, 2004.
    Mennello Museum of American Folk Art. This link opens in a new window.Orlando, Florida.

    Ginger LaVoie's "Website Opening" was a community viewing, discussion, and celebration of Ginger LaVoie's new website, accompanied by a hula display and Polynesian feast.

  • Ruby C. Williams' Website Opening
    January 17, 2004.
    Bealsville Recreation Center. Bealsville, Florida.

    Ruby Williams' "Website Opening" was the first in a series of events designed to involve the artists' communities in the creation of his or her websites.

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    Take the Folkvine Tour at Crealde!

    When: Saturday • November 12th • 2pm-4pm
    Where: Crealde School of Art • The Showalter Hughes Community Gallery • Winter Park, FL

    WINTER PARK the Crealdé School of Art is home to hundreds of artists who teach and learn pottery, photography, painting, and sculpture in the Orlando area. But the school will host a different kind of class in its community gallery on November 12th: 'Net-working.

    Developed by the University of Central Florida's team, this two hour workshop offers its visitors a chance to learn from the diverse group of students and teachers who have launched seven successful websites celebrating Florida's folk art and artists. Folkvine hopes to trade its experience as designers, ethnographers, and event planners in exchange for participants' insights into concepts of re-creative identity, place-making imagination, and social economy.

    The session will be interactive and dynamic, focusing on dialogue and requiring creative performances to build a human system that reflects the networked structure of the websites and communities in which Folkvine works. The class is free and open to all, and will include the premiere of Folkvine's latest online project, a humanities tour guide through the website.



    Folkvine Unveils New Site for Tampa Artist Taft Richardson

    TAMPA Local artist Taft Richardson visited door to door, inviting friends and colleagues to be the first to view the website that celebrates his unique artwork. The event marked the culmination of his partnership with the team, a group of folklorists, filmmakers, philosophers, graphic designers, artists, and computer engineers from the University of Central Florida funded by the Florida Humanities Council.

    Reflecting his strong belief in the power of art to re-create the world around him, Taft's works (sculptures made from discarded animal bones) have been collected in museums around the state. His site premiered at the Tampa Community Center on 12th Street, miles away from his home and the site of Moses House, where Taft continues to make art with local children. Over sixty guests at the premiere enjoyed a remarkably novel experience, as the Folkvine Team spoke to Taft's inspirational example. The Folkvine team spoke with the guests, gathering their suggestions to revise the site before its public release. In this way, the site reflects not only Taft's artistic sensibility, but also the collected opinions of his community.

    True to Taft's work as a mentor and teacher at Moses House Museum, which serves children in downtown tampa, parents and children enjoyed crafts inspired by Taft's sculptures, as well as free food and advance access to Richardson's site. Admission was free and open to all.


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